detroit is brooklyn; detroit is not brooklyn

When I sit down with my cup of coffee and my third cup of coffee in the morning and want to know the happenings of Detroit, MI, the options are as follows:

  • The Detroit Free Press – Thanks for bad ledes and Mitch Albom. But okay, sometimes you are redeemed, Freep, with food trucks, for example.)
  • The Detroit News. See above.
  • Crain’s Business News – I can only make up like seven more email addresses to access your articles, what’s susan spelled backwards?!
  • Geoff Young at Detroit Policy. Thank you, Geoff Young. You fill my Mondays with useful news items that I may have missed, Geoff Young. I went to public policy school, too, Geoff Young!
  • Michigan Public radio, Mlive aggregation,  etc. etc.

Somewhat limited. And also insufficient to supplement (inform) the multitude of  Why Detroit Is Not Brooklyn or Why Detroit Is In Fact Brooklyn or Why Detroit Is Detroit articles that keep cropping up lately.

Wayne State University Professor John Patrick Leary examines what’s behind the “ruin porn” fascination here.


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