don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, janice.

The city of Troy has an atrocious track record. In the past ten years, council members denied a vote to host an Ikea in Troy, reasoning the big blue box was an eyesore in a town of strip malls. Under its poor management, Troy has made national news for being a wealthy city considering doing away with its public library.

In its most recent in a string of abysmal decisions, the Troy City Council is delaying a vote to bring a transit center to the city. The project, slated to connect already existing train lines that go between Chicago and Southeast Michigan, will be supported by $8.5 million in federal funds.

However, Troy, yet again, does not get it.

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, notorious for her bigoted twitter feeds, decries the project as “a terrible waste of money.”

“How do you justify taking $8.5 million from a government that is trillions of dollars in debt?” Janice asks.

Easily. You have to spend money to make money. The government spending money on this project will do a lot to make money for its citizens. And this is good for everyone, because citizens who have money can spend more money. They can afford health insurance, they can pump money into an economy that needs it.  In a similar project done in Normal, Illinois another city not exactly the epicenter of public transport, a similar investment furnished $200 million in private investment and 375 jobs.

The Detroit Free Press has it right when they argue that this issue is about more than Troy. Troy’s inability to see the bigger picture, whether that would be t

Troy has a track record of turning down job-creating policies and degrading the public investments that attract residents and keep them. Mistaken ideology, Janice, should not get in the way of a pragmatic policy to help residents needing jobs in your city.


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