michigan roads crisis

Michigan is notorious for really truly awful roads, the kind of roads that much poorer nations would shake their heads at, the kind of roads that eat cars with their pothole mouths.

State Representative Rick Olsen (R-Saline) and Roy Schmidt (D-Grand Rapids) released a report today entitled “Michigan’s Roads Crisis: What Will it Cost to Maintain Our Roads and Bridges?” calling for $1.4 billion to repair crumbling infrastructure (excluding those bridges that have yet to exist that CANADA WANTS TO PAY FOR obvi).

A few preliminary questions:

1. How are funds prioritized? Please tell me these funds are more oriented toward roads that people use… like not just to middle-of-nowhere destinations that won’t do a whole lot to ease the burden on businesses (I’m looking at you East Jordan, Michigan).

2. A news article on the document indicates that the costs will go up to $2.6 billion per year by 2023 to make basic improvements. What?? Why the drastic increase?

The document is found here. I’ve started searching for a few of these answers, and will follow up with more complete analysis, but really, I’m betting $10 that this graph, found on like the third page, explains 90% of this predicament.

Next question: What happened to Michigan Gasoline Tax Revenue?